Christmas Path Aeschi

Spend a few cozy hours on the Aeschi Christmas Path. We tell you the Christmas story with six lovingly prepared pictures accompanied by text. From 5 p.m., lanterns and lights will show you the way, which will take you about an hour to complete. The Christmas Path is open for you from the end of November to the beginning of January.

Opening times for the Christmas Path: from November to January
Lighting: daily from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m


Behind the scenes at the Christmas Path/Wiehnachtswäg Aeschi there is always a lot of hard work going on and commitment from numerous people. Many years ago, the Aeschi Parents' Association was able to convince the other Aeschi associations of the idea of having a Christmas Path. It was opened for the first time in Advent 2010. The result is a joint product and a beautiful collaboration between the clubs and private individuals of Aeschi. The Aeschi Christmas Path is now a wonderful community event.

OK Wiehnachtswäg Aeschi
Peter von Känel                                    Präsident, Infrastruktur, Holzarbeiten, Weg
Jakob Zaugg                                         Infrastruktur, Holzarbeiten, Weg
Ruedi Mürner                                       Stromwesen
Käthi Eymann                                       Beizli, Gastronomie
Susanna Christen                                 Gestaltung, Einrichtung, Dekoration
Aeschi Tourismus, Elea Hiltbrand          Sekretariat, Werbung, Medienarbeit
Marc Schläpfer                                     Finanzen


Wiehnachtswäg Aeschi
c/o Aeschi Tourismus
Scheidgasse 8
3703 Aeschi b. Spiez
T 0041 33 654 14 24

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Wiehnachtswäg Aeschi
3703 Aeschi b. Spiez