Treasure Hunt & Mini Trail for Groups

Kids that like adventure find the treasure hunt a fascinating hike in which they always have to keep their eyes on their surroundings in order to crack the answers to the questions about the treasure. The treasure hunt in Aeschi is well-suited for schools  and makes for an interesting programme for a day trip. 

By Registration Only: The Treasure Hunt must be booked in advance for groups so that we can prepare for your school class/group.

Please note that the treasure hunts can be tricky at times. Therefore, we recommend solving the puzzles in groups or with an accompanying person.


Treasure hunt for groups/school classes

  • Advice from Aeschi Tourism
  • Electronic sending of answer & question sheets Treasure hunt
  • Provision of treasure chest (with or without combination lock)
flat rate costs CHF 20.00
Printout of answer & question sheets Treasure hunt incl. clipboardsper print CHF 0.60
Organization gifts (treasure) by Aeschi TourismCost gifts + expense Aeschi Tourism

If you like, we can organise the presents for you, or you can organise the treasure yourself eg. link it to a subject at school.  Ideas for treasure: coloured pencils, felt pens, stamps, small rulers etc.

We are only too happy to help you with the planning of your school trip/group trip. Contact