Biking & Mountain Biking

In Aeschi and the surrounding region there are many different bike / mountain bike tours to discover. The tours are all very different and range from easy to challenging.  So that you find the right route quickly, the difficulty levels of 1 = easyto 5= very challenging are easily visible under the title.


Mountain Bike Tour Latreje-Pass

This wonderful mountain bike tour is challenging and only suitable for advanced bikers.  To begin with, follow the street into Suldtal, Schlieri and then up to Mittelberg and Latrejenfeld. From here the first part of the path is not so easy to see since it looks more like a grassy scar. Please remember that you will be crossing cow paddocks and hiking paths and be considerate. Once you reach Kiental, it is easy to get to Reichenbach, Mülenen and back to Aeschi.

Tip: treat yourself to a nice coffee and croissant in the Restaurant Pochtenfall, before you take on the climb up to Schlieri.

Start/ End point: Aeschiried
Route length: 40 km | Duration: 6 h 15 min
Difficulty: condition 4 | technique 4

Mountain Bike Panorama Tour

This unique and well-signposted bike route in Aeschi promises enjoyment along with fantastic views. From Aeschi, follow the route up to Aeschiried and into Suldtal. At the Suld hut cross the bridge and you will get to a forestry road on the other side which leads to Faltschen. Now follow the signs for Panorama route no. 1 to Kiental, then down to Reichenbach and from there via Mülenen back to Aeschi. Please remember that you will sometimes be on hiking paths. Be considerate!

Start/ End point: Aeschi
Route length: 29 km | Duration: 4 h 15 min
Difficulty: condition 2 | technique 2

Mountain Bike Tour around Aeschi

This is a lovely ride with a lot of great views! As you go around, you will come across a few  tough climbs, which of course means a few fast downhills and wonderful views over Lake Thun.  Along the way you can visit the Wimmis castle or the old springs at Bad Heustrich. This is a great bike ride for after work.

Start/ End point: Aeschi
Route length: 25 km | Duration: 3 h 0 min
Difficulty: condition 2 | technique 2

Mountain Bike/ E-Bike Tour around Lake Brienz

This is a great route with views over the turquoise waters of Lake Brienz. Along the way you ride through small villages and pass by the imposing Giessbachhotel and the Giessbach waterfalls. If you like, when you are in Brienz you can visit the legendary wood carvers.

Tip: Take the boat from Neuhaus to Spiez and thus avoid the section along the busy main road from Interlaken to Leissigen.

Start/ End point: Aeschi
Route length: 70 km | Duration: 8 h 0 min
Difficulty: condition 3 | technique 3

Bike/ E-Bike Tour around Lake Thun

This wonderful loop around Lake Thun offers countless viewing spots which you won’t be able to ride past without stopping. The tour leads to many places which are not all along the lake, and thus the ride is dotted with a few small climbs.  However this helps you to avoid traffic and have a more enjoyable ride. It is worth taking a little detour into the charming old town of Thun before you ride on.

Tip: If you want to take it easy, take the Seestrasse on the left side of the lake from Thun towards Interlaken. You will find this ride a lot easier.

Start/ End point: Aeschi
Route length: 77 km | Duration: 9 h 0 min
Difficulty: condition 3 | technique 2