Aeschi bei Spiez is located on a beautiful sunny slope in the heart of the Bernese Oberland. The municipality of Aeschi is 860 m above sea level and includes Aeschiried, the little village of Emdtal and parts of Mülenen. On 31 km2 there are around 600 hectares of forest, 1550 hectares are used for agriculture and 34 hectares are settlement areas. Around 2,200 people live permanently in the municipal area of Aeschi. There are 5 hotels, 6 group accommodations, approx. 40 holiday apartments and 1 campsite available for guests.

The name Askahe (Aeschi) was first mentioned in a document in 1228. The name comes from Old High German and meant something like “to the ash trees” or “by the ash trees”. Aeschi was given this name because there used to be an ash forest here, which was gradually cut down to make room for houses and agriculture. The name "Aeschi" has been around since 1700.