Alpabzug & Suldtal Market

In September, the long alpine summer comes to an end and the farmers return to the valley with their animals – this is called Alpabzug. Decorating the cows has a long tradition and shows that the summer in the alps went well and without incident. In addition to the decorated cows, goats and sheep are also led back into the valley. There is a small market in the Suldtal to celebrate the day.

Here you can buy various types of cheeses made on the alp. Stands selling melted cheese on bread (Chäsbrätel) and bratwurst as well as drinks will keep you sustained. If you like, stop at the Pochtenfall restaurant, which offers local specialties and home-style cooking.

Information about the event: The Alpabzug usually takes place on the first or second weekend. The time is announced at short notice, since the alpine people stay longer on the alp if there is enough grass.