Alpabzüge Aeschiried

In September the long alpine summer comes to an end and the alpine farmers return to the valley with their animals. The decorating of the cows has a long tradition and is an expression that the summering has gone well and without any incidents. Besides the decorated cows, sheep are also led back to the valley.

The Alpabzüge Aeschiried will take place on a Saturday in September 2024 in good weather! Exact date will follow.

Market and catering from 10.00 am. Reception of the animals from about 11.30 am.

At the parking lot in Aeschiried, the animals will be welcomed by the alpine farms Aeschiried/Suldtal.
For visitors there will be market stalls as well as a small festival restaurant in Aeschiried.

Due to the limited parking possibilities in Aeschiried, we strongly recommend to arrive by public transport.
Bus Spiez from 09.37 h or 10.37 h

The bus to Suldtal leaves Aeschiried at 09.54 and 10.54 o'clock as scheduled. Due to oncoming animals, there may be delays on the 11.54 bus.

Reservations for the Suldtal bus are not possible. The rule is "First Come, First Served".

All animals will pass the parking lot in Aeschiried. Therefore a journey to the Suldtal is not mandatory.

Arrival by car to the Suldtal is possible until 11.00 am. After that the road is closed.

The event will only take place in good weather!
Information about the event you can get on or 033 654 14 24

Herzlichen Dank für die Unterstützung!