Geo Caching Aeschi

Experience Aeschi from the perspective of a geocacher. To do this, first download the Geocaching App and register on the platform. You don't have to become a Premium Member to find our caches and registration is completely free.
Then open the app and find all the caches hidden in Aeschi on the map. The green tradi caches lead you directly to the hiding place with the coordinates. However, a bit of sleuthing is still required on site. The orange caches are so-called multi caches. Here you follow the instructions and calculate the final coordinates yourself. With both types of caches, we take you to places that you may not yet know. We will show you the hidden treasures of Aeschi and the most beautiful viewpoints!

The tour, which opened in 2019 as the first "GeoTour of Switzerland", will unfortunately have to be discontinued in autumn 2022. However, this does not change the caching fun in Aeschi! The hidden caches will continue to be looked after and maintained by Aeschi Tourism. Although there is no longer a connection between the individual caches, you will still be able to experience nature and the beautiful places. If you need help, please contact Aeschi Tourismus at any time.

We look forward to your visit and hope you enjoy geocaching. 

Link to download the GeoCache App forAndroid
Link to download the GeoCache App for IOS