Information for accommodation providers / long-term tenants

Information on tourist tax in general for accommodation providers and long-term tenants can be found here.
If you should need further information, the Aeschi Tourism team will be happy to help you.

Tourist taxes

Anyone who stays overnight in Aeschi is subject to the tourist tax. The income from the visitor's tax is used for the operative business of Aeschi Tourismus as well as for the creation and maintenance of tourist infrastructure.

Guests staying in accommodation that is a member of Thun-Thunersee Tourismus receive the PanoramaCard (guest card for Lake Thun). Accommodation places that issue the PanoramaCard are marked accordingly on our website. With the PanoramaCard you get numerous discounts on various tourist offers and also travel free of charge on the Postbus and the STI buses in Aeschi, Krattigen, Spiez and Thun.

The tourist tax rate in all accommodation places in Aeschi is CHF 3.50 per adult. Children are exempt from tourist tax.

Information for permanent tenants

Long-term tenants, owners who do not live in Aeschi, and beneficiaries who do not live in Aeschi are subject to the annual flat rate in accordance with the tourist tax regulations. This is owed per calendar year. You can read about who is covered by the annual flat rate in the visitor's tax regulations under Art. 7.

As a long-term tenant, you have the option of ordering the PanoramaCard (guest card for long-term tenants) from Thun, Thunersee Tourismus.

You can download the most important documents online here: Important documents

The Aeschi Tourism team will be happy to answer any further questions or concerns you may have.

Information for accommodation providers

If you rent a holiday apartment, holiday home, room or other accommodation to guests, there are a few points to consider:

  • Guests who stay overnight with you are subject to the visitor's tax.
  • There is a cantonal lodging tax to be paid per guest and night.
  • They are also subject to the obligation to register, the personal details of each guest must be recorded with a physical registration form or online using the registration client.

You can find the relevant documents here: Important documents

The Aeschi Tourism team is also happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.