Loop Tracks

Village loop track

The village loop track is easy,  and you can even take a child’s pushchair on it. Start at the village square and then walk towards Aeschiried, past the Mountain Ranch and then down into the Suldhaltenstrasse. From here you have wonderful views of the magnificent Niesen pyramid. The path takes you back via Hundbüehl, along large fields, towards the village.


Start/ End: Community Square, Bus Stop Aeschi, Post
Distance: 4,1 km | Hiking Time: 1 h 10 min

Photos Dorf Rundweg / Village Round Trail / Village Circuit

Bench Loop Track

A few years ago, a sponsorship program was started with the “Bänkli” (park bench) loop track. Along the way you will find numerous benches, some specially designed, where you can rest. These benches were sponsored by donors. You can find out more about this under BeoBänkli. We recommend that you walk the path counter-clockwise so as to enjoy the view properly. When you arrive in Aeschiried, the route takes you via Allmigässli to the Aeschiallmi. The Niesenbänkli is located at the highest point of the Bänkli loop track and offers a wonderful view over the Kandertal, the Niesen chain and over Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. Then follow the signs back to Aeschi.

Start/ End: Community Square, Bus Stop Aeschi, Post
Distance: 7,7 km | Hiking Time: 2 h 15 min

Photos Bänklirundweg / seat bench trail / randonneé des banques

Alpine Bench Circuit

This path leads from Aeschiried to the most beautiful bench on the Aeschiallmend. Then it continues uphill via Spitz, to the Bireberg and to the Greberegg. Here you can take a breather while you enjoy the unique views - which you have definitely earned after the steep ascent. Now follow a small path down into the idyllic Suldtal and immerse yourself in a completely new world. The guesthouse suld (1.May until 31.October) and the numerous benches invite you to linger. The hike ends in Aeschiried, at the starting point. This loop track can be walked in both directions.

Start/ End: Aeschiried Bus Stop
Distance: 10,2 km | Hiking Time: 3 h 45 min

Photos Alpiner Bänklirundweg / alpin bench trail / alpine randonnée des banques

Lake View Loop Track

Park your car in Aeschiried or take the PostBus to the Aeschiried Schulhaus terminus. One of the most beautiful loop tracks starts here. First, follow the path heading towards Windegg for a short while, then climb the steep grass path up to the Z Aeschiried guesthouse. Continue on to the Niesenbänkli, which offers a fantastic view over Aeschi and Lake Thun. Below the skihut, the path leads to the Viertelallmi - from here you always have a view over the lake down to the Lischenweidbeizli. Then it's back to the starting point via Ebenegässli.

Start/ End: Bus Stop Aeschiried
Distance: 5,1 km | Hiking Time: 1 h 40 min

Photos Seeblick Rundweg / see view trail / lac vue circuit

Pochtenfall Loop Track

If you like, you can hike from Aeschiried taking about an hour to get to the Pochtenfall restaurant. Others save themselves this stretch and drive by car, or at weekends take the Postbus to the starting point at the guesthouse suld (1.May until 31.October). Steep paths, small stairs and bridges are crossed and climbed on the Pochtenfall loop track before you are rewarded with the view of the roaring waterfall of the same name. The loop is worthwhile, but requires good shoes, sure-footedness and stamina.

Start/ End: Guesthouse Suld, Suldtal valley
Distance: 2,0 km | Hiking Time: 1 h 10 min

Photos Pochtenfall Rundweg / waterfall trail / cascade randonnée

Bad Heustrich Themed Loop Track

This loop track leads to Bad Heustrich, which is steeped in history and from where tourism in Aeschi originated. The rich and beautiful from all over the world have bathed here, cured themselves, eaten and drunk in illustrious company. Today, Bad Heustrich is a training and residential facility for people with disabilities. Beautiful handicrafts are made here and can be bought at the Aeschi tourist office. If you want, you can make a detour to the old spring house. Although the sulfurous water only trickles out of the rock nowadays, the refreshing coolness of the little house offers relief, especially on hot summer days.

Start/ End: Aeschi Church
Distance: 8,0 km | Hiking Time: 2 h 0 min

Photos Themenweg Bad-Heustrich / Bad-Hestrich trail / Bad-Heustrich randonnée