Youth and Holiday House


Your group accommodation in chalet style

The Youth and Holiday House is made up of 3 well-cared for and clean houses in wonderful surroundings.  Depending on your needs, the houses can be rented individually or together. This accommodation is suitable for a holiday camp, a country school week, a confirmation camp, or for a family weekend.
The well-equipped self-catering kitchen gives you the opportunity to prepare tasty meals and thanks to the large dishwasher, washing up is done quickly.

A great group experience in Aeschi, just come and enjoy it!



All prices can be found on the website of the youth and holiday home.


  • Youth House: 9 rooms with 25 beds, 1 large dining room for 70-80 people, 2 group rooms for 40-50 people and 10-12 people. 1 large kitchen with gastro cooker and oven, steamer, dishwasher, large fridge and freezer.
  • Vereinshaus (club house): 8 rooms with 16 beds, 1 group room for 30 people, small kitchen.
    The rooms can be rented individually.
  • Chalet: 6 rooms with 20 beds, 1 dining and group room for 20 - 25 people, 1 family kitchen.
  • Showers on each floor, sinks in the rooms.
  • Lawn for playing and sunbathing on,  table tennis, ball playing area.