Strohhotel Hatti

Your group experience

The straw hotel Hatti offers the perfect accommodation for school classes and families. The Erlebnishof (experience farm) Hatti is set up to be child-friendly and offers the overnight stay that you have always wanted! Many different pettable animals live on the farm. You sleep in straw in different beds in the threshing floor. Please bring your own sleeping bag and a flashlight. There is a well-equipped kitchen, BBQ area, shower and fun playground available. The breakfast and group room is situated in the biggest, functionable telephone in the world. For breakfast you will enjoy a fine cup of milk, which you milked yourself from the cow.


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  • Sleep in straw
  • Sleep in the birdhouse
  • Sleep in the shepherds wagon
  • Covered seating area
  • Group room
  • Petting zoo
  • Goat trekking