Hiking with snow shoes

Discover the fabulous winter scenery from Aeschi on snow shoes! We have two exciting trails marked for your convenience. For the protection of the wild animals, we ask that you do not leave the trails. 

Tip: Treat yourself to a visit at one of our restaurants before or after your hike. 

Brunni-Trail (C)

To specify (identical both ways):

From the bus terminal in Aeschiried (schoolhouse), take the route north-east upwards on a little street through a set of houses. Slowly ascend toward open area, along Aeschiallmend. From there you will have a wonderful view on the Kandertal. Hiking along the summer route takes you slowly up to the Alp Bireberg. There you will leave the path and walk through open country. Walking along a ridge, you will be spoiled with a fantastic view of Lake Thun and Brienz and to the Kandertal. Take a rest on the Greberegg before you start for the last steep steps up to the Alp Brunni (no restaurant). At the foot of the Morgenberghorn you will be able to sit and relax and enjoy the great panorama. The descent takes you back to Aeschiried, the same way you went up.

State Brunni Trail


Start / End:Aeschiried, schoolhouse
Length:11,6 km
Ascent / Descent:750 m
Degree of difficulty:average
Signalization:red dot on a pink colored direction sign



Aeschiried-Trail (B)

To specify (round tour):

From the bus terminal Aeschiried (Schoolhouse), take the route north east. Pass the parking lot from the Ski lift to Windegg. A sharp left turn leads you along the winter hiking path. Downwards through open country, you will enjoy the great view of Lake Thun. Past the training ski lift, the tour rises slowly to the right and further to a long left turn downward to the Ebenengässli. Westwards you will reach the Tannenmattli .

Turn left along the winter walking path to Aeschiried. Below the restaurant Chemihütte get up between two houses on an open flat area. Passing a chapel you reach the Schoolhouse in Aeschiried.

State Aeschiried Trail

Start / End:Aeschiried, schoolhouse
Length:2, 2 km
Ascent / Descent:120 m
Degree of difficulty:easy
Signalization:blue dot on a pink colored direction sign