Mini-grade tours


This scenic tour leads through meadows and forests to the newly built rope bridge at the top of the Spissibach. You can choose your descent to Leissigen or to Därligen (train station).

The Panoramaweg leads past Aeschiried. The signposts are marked Panoramaweg. Walk in the direction of Leissigen / Därligen. In Aeschi there are no signposts for the Panoramaweg.

Length: 8.7 km

Aeschiried - Panoramaweg - Kiental

The scenic tour leads you through the Suldtal over the pass to the Kiental (public transportation).

Length: 12.1 km
Time: 3 h 15 min

Aeschiried - Greberegg - Suld - Aeschiried

This trail leads up to the pass with a wonderful view. You can then descent to the Suldtal. 

Length: 10.1 km
Time: 3 h 45 min


Climb to the Alp Brunni at the foot of the Morgenberghorn and then downwards to the awe-inspiring Pochtenfall and the Suldtal.

Length: 12.8 km
Time: 4 h 40 min

Aeschi - Mülenen - Suldtal - Aeschiried - Aeschi

The lower part of the Suldtal is a very romantic and yet, wild landscape. The loveliness of this area is still quite unkown. 

Length: 12.6 km
Time: 3 h 25 min