Loop roads Aeschi

On the four tagged loop roads you will discover the most beautiful spots in and around Aeschi.

Village loop road

This walk takes you comfortably to the most beautiful spots in Aeschi

Start / End: Big parking place / Post office
Length: 4.1 km
Time: 1 h 10 min

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Bench loop road

Follow this route and you will be able to relax on the most beautiful benches in the Berner Oberland.

Start / End: Big parking place / Post office
Length: 7.7 km
   Time:  2 h 15 min

Alpine bench loop road

The alpine bench loop road is the expansion of the bench loop road. The trail guides you from Aeschiried to the alp Greberegg, down to the Suld and back to Aeschiried. You have the possibility to buy a create your own bench. More information here

Start / End: Aeschiried, Schoolhouse
Lenght: 10,2 km
Time: 3 h 45 min

Fore more information to the project, „the most beautiful benches in the Berner Oberland“, go to: www.beo-baenkli.ch 

Lake view loop road

Enjoy the best view on the lakes and the mountains from this road.

Start / End: Aeschiried, Schoolhouse
Length: 5.1 km
Time: 1 h 40 min

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Pochtenfall loop road

This loop takes you around the basin from the Pochtenfall, falls which come crashing down from a height of 80 m.

Start / End: Restaurant Pochtenfall, Suld
Length: 2.0 km
   Time: 1 h 10 min 

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