Challanging tours


The hike up to the Morgenberghorn is strenuous and demanding but the reward is the spectacular panorama. There are several challenging parts as you mount as well as desced! You need to be an experienced climber for this one. The bus available on Saturdays and Sundays will take you back from the Suldtal to Aeschiried – Aeschi (Shortcut).

Length: 16.8 km
Time: approx. 7 h 10 min

Aeschi - Mülenen - Schwandegg - Niesen

This trial is challenging as you will need to overcome the great difference in altitude. The Niesen, the pyramid, awaits you with a grandiose view. For the descent, the funicular can be taken.

Length: 10.4 km
Time: 5 h 45 min

Aeschiried - Suld - Latreje - Kiental

The pass from the Latreje-Feld leads along several Alp farms. A shortcut is possible by taking the bus, operating on Saturdays and Sundays.

Length: 16.7 km
Time: 6 h 20 min

Aeschiried - Suld - Renggli - Saxeten

The view on the pass from Suld to the Saxettal is so spectacular that it will increase your heart beat. By taking the bus, operating on Saturdays and Sundays, the time required can be reduced by one hour.

Length: 13.2 km
Time: 5 h 10 min

Suld - Rengg - Wätterlatte - Kiental

The Wätterlatte is a relatively unknown point of view. This trail is very varied. By taking the bus, the walking time can be reduced by one hour.

Length: 14.6 km
Time: 6 h 10 min