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Experience Aeschi in a very special way. The first GeoTour in Switzerland promises excitement and peace at the same time. The GeoCache search takes you to places you may not yet know and to the most beautiful vantage points. If you'd like to participate on the Experience Aeschi GeoTour (EAGT) Download the passport and print it out. After you have entered all passwords for the EAGT, send a copy to Aeschi Tourism. You will then receive your virtual souvenir on your device.

Six new caches were added to the GeoTour Experience Aeschi on September 21, 2020. If you have already found the caches 01-19 of the GeoTour Experience Aeschi, you may now start your search again to get the second version of the virtual souvenir!

We wish you a lot of fun and joy in finding the many hidden caches in Aeschi!

What is a GeoTour?

Passport Experience Aeschi

Geo Caching is a kind of treasure hunt with a GPS-enabled device. There are several types of caches. With the so-called Tradi, the cacher finds a point where a small box is hidden by means of stored coordinates. The Multi is - as the name suggests - more complex. It leads the cacher on a certain route to given points where he has to answer a question. At the end the coordinates for the "Final" are calculated from the answers. There again is a small box hidden. Also exciting are the Mistery Cache, which is already based on a riddle at the beginning, or the Earth Cache, which reveals interesting backgrounds to a certain geological event at a special location.

For Geo Caching you can use a mobile phone or a GPS. The Geo Cache App for Iphone can be downloaded here. For the app on an Android device please click here. Especially for the "Multi Caches", it is worthwhile to print the data at home and bring a pen. This simplifies the calculation for the final location very much.

The GeoTour now links defined caches to a tour. Here you search for each individual cache integrated in the Experience Aeschi GeoTour (EAGT) and enter the password which is stored in the respective cache or described in the note into the Experience Aeschi GeoTour Passport.
You can download the Experience Aeschi GeoTour Passport here.

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