The History of Bad Heustrich

Bad Heustrich der Hochblüte
Bad Heustrich Brand

Bad Heustrich has an interesting and long history., The healing spring at the foot of Mount Niesen has been used since 1770 for health treatment in many ways. Guests from near and far have visited the place. The Bad Heustrich also known as the early start of the tourism in Aeschi.

After the second world war the years of a well running operation was reaching its rock bottom. The building burned down to the ground. Arson could not be ruled out.  
Despite the reconstruction, it was no longer possible to build on the time before the war. The spa culture had changed. Private houses had their own bathroom and bathing in a establishment as Bad Heustrich was no longer in trend.

Today, people with a learning disability or a cognitive impairment find a job and assisted living in Bad Heustrich.

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