The most beautiful benches in the Bernese Oberland! 
The "Bänkli-Trail" shows you all the unique benches in the Bernese Oberland. Take a seat on a bench, relax and honour the astonishing panorama. 
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Aeschi market

Visit the traditional Aeschi market on Tuesday, 04 November. The Aeschi market has a very long tradition, where young and old have a good time. 
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Current Events

Here you find the current top events in Aeschi. Here you find the complete calendar of events.

Infoabend Alpentheater Aeschi

27.11.14 - 20:15
Restaurant Chemihütte

Möchten Sie mehr über das Alpentheater erfahren, hinter den Kulissen mitwirken oder vielleicht sogar mitspielen? Die Verantwortlichen sind auf Unterstützung aus der Dorfbevölkerung angewiesen und ...

Eröffnungsfeier Wiehnachtswäg

30.11.14 - 17:00

Gemeinsame Begehung des Weges, anschliessend um ca. 18 Uhr im Wiehnachtswäg-Beizli Gottesdienst / Andachtsfeier mit Pfrn. Isabelle Santschi. 

Treffpunkt: Sonntag, 30. November um 17 Uhr beim Pa...

Welcome at Aeschi

Come and enjoy Aeschi`s hospitality. In our restaurants you will be treated to excellent cuisine while enjoying breathtaking views of the lake and mountains. There is lodging to suit any budget. Aeschi offers hotels, B&B`s, apartments for rent and even farms where you can sleep in the hay. We look forward to welcoming you to Aeschi for an unforgettable vacation. 

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Holiday Center Aeschiried


Restaurant Panorama, Aeschiried